What is a roll-up commercial garage door?

Roll-up commercial garage doors offer multiple options and smart solutions

A roll-up garage door also called roller garage door, is made from steel horizontal-like panels that roll up as you open the gate. Although it can also be made out of fiberglass or wood. A roller door is mostly used for commercial facilities like warehouses, storage facilities, and other businesses. Safety and durability are two of the main features. It’s a type of door ideal for limited spaces. You can opt for a solution that optimizes both the available headroom and side space. For those reasons, many people chose to install roll-up doors for their commercial project, in urban areas like condominiums and storage-rental facilities.

Let’s openly discuss the pros and cons of installing these types of commercial garage doors.

Commercial garage doors in Denver

Roll-up garage doors advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of roll-up commercial garage doors

Simplicity: Roll-up garage doors are very easy to operate whether by motor or by hand (manually).

Customization: Roller garage doors can be non-insulated or insulated, and can be furnished with wood, steel, aluminum or fiberglass. Plus, they come in many colors which can be matched to the colors of the building. You can also include your logo by adding printed decals. Moreover, they can be made to fit any garage opening.

Durability and security: The quality of the materials used to build the gates make them extremely durable. As a result, they can withstand weather adversities and can stand strong and still look presentable after many years of use. Furthermore, these doors do not feature handles on the outside which means they are harder for an intruder to disrupt your garage privacy. Additionally, the motor – for automatic roller garage doors  – can function as an entrance lock.

Disadvantages of roll-up commercial garage doors

Costs: High-quality materials are used in creating roller doors, making them more expensive compared to other garage doors.

Noise factor: Roll-up garage doors are very noisy and depending on where you live; it may become annoying to you or the neighbors.

Installation: Roller garage doors require more than one person to set up. Also, it is advised to paint the panels beforehand.

Roll up steel door
Roll up steel door

Despite being more expensive than other garage door options, roll-up garage doors are widely preferred since they are easy to use and safe to operate. 

Commercial garage door installation in Denver

Colorado Overhead Door Company offers many types of commercial garage doors. You can pick doors for heavy-duty industrial purposes and lighter duty industrial purposes. We have many choices for insulated commercial doors and full-view aluminum doors. We also offer fire rated doors as well as roll-up sheet doors. For information on a new commercial door contact us today at (303) 776-DOOR (3667) or fill out a Free Estimate form.

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