Insulated Garage Doors vs. Non-Insulated Garage Doors

Commercial Garage Doors

You are planning to replace your old garage door, but someone just told you that garage doors could be insulated and non-insulated as well. Now you are confused! Which replacement should you buy? What is the difference between insulated garage doors vs. non-insulated garage doors? We have gathered all the information in one place so […]

Industrial Fire Doors for Big Public Establishments

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As commercial and public buildings increase in size, so do the necessary security measures. From comprehensive alarms to elaborate sprinkler and HVAC systems, there are so many different features that need to be included to ensure the safety of all visitors and employees. One of the most important measures to implement in the structure of […]

Commercial Garage Doors Garage Doors to Improve Your Restaurant Storefront

Any restaurant or retail store owner wants commercial garage doors that will make their customers feel like they are entering a place to purchase quality products, but they also want their customers to enter a place that makes customers feel comfortable. In order for a business to do this, the garage door they choose should […]

Benefits of Full View Aluminium Doors for Your Business

While most people know it’s important to have a high-quality garage door at home, many forget to consider commercial garage doors for their business. It is very important for businesses to make sure that they have a garage door that is dependable and secure so that their customers will feel confident and comfortable. If you’re […]

Why Get A Garage Door With Windows

Boost curb appeal by adding garage door windows.

Have you ever taken a walk around your block and stopped to admire your home from afar? Are there parts of it that maybe lack character and functionality? Sometimes, stepping back from your house will provide a more objective picture of the improvements that need to be done.  A great way to elevate your home’s […]

Dents On The Garage Door – Can These Be Fixed?

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A garage door dent may seem like a minor issue, but you may be selling it short. Depending on the location and depth of the dent, you may have a problem that could impact the overall function. Here’s how you can tell a minor from a major dent, and how to go about fixing it. Dents […]

How to Select the Best Commercial Garage Door for Your Business

Commercial Garage Doors

When your business has a rickety old garage door, there is a point where replacing is the smarter option rather than getting more commercial garage door service done on it. But the question remains, which type of door do you get? There are so many options out there that choosing the best one is not […]

Myths, truths & everything there is to know behind overhead garage doors

benefits of a garage door with windows

Are you considering installing a new overhead garage door in front of your garage? However, are you perhaps concerned that it is not a wise decision because of all the information, and misinformation, available for consumption on the Internet? This concern is valid and deserves the necessary attention. The reason for all the information available […]

Colorado’s Finest Commercial Garage Doors

Premium Commercial Garage Doors showcasing durability and security for businesses

Repair Your Business Garage Door at COHDCO If your commercial garage door needs professional repair and maintenance services in the Front Range, we are what you need. At our garage door company, we can replace any commercial garage door including hinges and rollers, garage door openers, or any individual section of your garage door. Plus […]

Need to Repair Your Company’s Garage Door?

Premium Commercial Garage Doors showcasing durability and security for businesses

Top commercial garage door services in Denver Having any type of garage door troubles in the Mile-Hi City? At Colorado Overhead Door we offer a wide range of commercial and residential garage door services. We are a professional garage door replacement and repair company serving all of the Front Range, with over 30 years of […]