Popular Garage Door Trends


The modern garage door design has gone through many different design variations over the years. From sliding doors to full glass doors, there have been a wide variety of styles and design choices that garage door owners have cycled through over different decades. Knowing which modern designs you should incorporate can be difficult if you […]

Modern Garage Door Design Trends

residential garage doors

From barn doors to sliding doors, there have never been more ways to style your garage door. Whether it is in terms of functionality, material, or style, there are hundreds of different ways to effectively style your garage door. The only problem with so many options is that it can be overwhelming if you don’t […]

New Year, New Garage Door!

Garage Door Service and Repair in Colorado

New Year Resolutions: improving your home’s curb appeal by renovating the old garage door Another successful year has gone by and we are getting ready to enjoy the New Year’s celebrations. Many people across the country are making their New Year Resolutions, and so are we as well. For over 30 years we have been […]

Custom Wood Garage Doors in Denver

custom-made wooden garage door

When you are ready to create your own wood door, Colorado Overhead Door is here to help! Wood never goes out of style and it is still one of the most desired materials for residential garage doors. We have been designing beautiful custom wood garage doors in Denver for more than three decades, adding value […]