Garage Door Functionality Trends for 2016

Garage Door Evolution

On a previous blog, we talk about aesthetic garage door trends for 2016; now we move on to the new functionality trends for your garage projects in Denver.

Top Garage Functionality Trends for 2016

Not all trends are about aesthetic; some include the way homeowner uses their garage door. The way a garage door operates has changed over time, especially over the last few decades as technology has continued to move us forward and family size and structures have changed. Let’s see how homeowners are making use of garages nowadays.garages are not only for cars



Garages Aren’t Only for Cars

More and more garages aren’t used just for keeping your car covered. Homeowners are turning their garage space into an additional room for their home. Auto-shops, workshops, spare bedrooms, gyms, man caves or family rooms are some examples of common uses.

As many families are becoming larger and living together, we all need the extra room to accommodate each member comfortably. For this reason, many people are often turning their garages into extra bedrooms, so everyone has a place to sleep. And so garage door insulation becomes crucial for the room’s temperature to remain controlled. On the other hand, extra living spaces are created as places where family and friends can gather. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why larger windows are trending too.garage space as extra bedroom


Insulated Extra Living Space

With garages becoming more than an area to store a car, homeowners are looking for ways to make the room more comfortable. For this reason, insulated garage doors are trending. They help to regulate the temperature in the garage, and outside noises are also reduced. These ideal conditions are important for your garage when it becomes a place for people instead of a place for just cars to spend the night.


Improved insulation isn’t only trending with owners using their garage as an extra living space. It also improves the insulation of the whole house. This is especially true when the garage shares an adjacent wall with a room inside the home. Plus, insulation will decrease the effort that the heating and cooling systems have to do to reach a set temperature. Resulting in owners saving money on their bills.

Garage Door Functionality Trends for 2016,

Open the Gate with your Smartphone

As the IoT or Internet of Things comes to rule all our spaces, including our garages, you can now open and close their garage door with a tablet or smartphone. And, the greatest part is that you can close it from anywhere, it  tells you when you left it open or who came in and when… intelligent garage doors for parents with young driversHint, hint for parents of teenage kids. The demand for smart products continues to take over. This is why smart garage door openers are trending, together with intelligent temperature control, lights and security systems.

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