Why Did My Garage Stop Halfway Up?

Garage Door is Not Working Properly

Do you run into the pesky problem of having the doors on your vehicle storage area stop halfway up? This is a widespread scenario, and many people often find it very annoying. If you are in this boat, then you probably want to know what is going on.  These issues are widespread throughout America, and […]

Brighten Up Your Garage

Amarr Garage Door

Did you ever think about brightening up parts of your home to make them more appealing? Often people forget that they can do this, and their home is left dark and uninviting. One area of your home that can significantly benefit from brightening is your car storage space. In this article, we’ll show you some […]

Common Issues With Door Openers

garage doors

If you are a homeowner and have one or two garages, you most likely have run into various hurdles when it comes to garage door openers issues. While sometimes it can be frustrating to run into these hurdles, there are often simple fixes to these problems.  It is always recommended that when addressing any problems […]

Why You Need To Keep Your Garage Clean

Cleanliness and organization are crucial to keeping your garage in pristine condition.

As a homeowner, you must be taking care of the many elements in the house. Whether it is repainting, having the floors refinished, or keeping furniture polished, so it lasts longer. When it comes to garage maintenance, you must be prioritizing its longevity by keeping up with cleaning and updates. Many people forgo cleaning and […]

Help! My Garage Door is Not Opening!

Reconnecting Your Garage Door Opener

There is nothing that ruins a morning more than getting into your vehicle, clicking your smart garage door opener, and having nothing happen. A garage door that is not opening could be the result of many things and is something that will need to be addressed right away. To help determine what the problem is, […]

Dealing With Broken Garage Door Emergencies

When garage door products work as they’re supposed to, they provide peace of mind that is unparalleled. However, all it takes is one major element to break in order to ruin this. So when a garage door emergency pops up, you need to know how to deal with it. To help properly prepare you for […]

What to Look For in a Garage Door Company

One Google search is all it takes to see that there are hundreds of garage door services in Colorado alone, much less the rest of the US. Though they all seem to offer similar services, they aren’t all the same. Not every company offers quality garage door service. As a homeowner, it can be tough to […]

Dealing With Broken Garage Door Springs

Steel Garage Doors in the Front Range

Have you recently come home to find that your garage door isn’t opening, no matter how many times you hit the button on your remote? If your remote still lights up but your door still won’t open, you might have a broken garage door spring. No need to worry, a broken spring is a minor problem that […]

Denver Garage Door Owners Prep For Spring

Steel Garage Doors

Another cold Colorado winter is behind us, but the Denver garage door experts at COHDCO are here to give you some tips for getting your garage ready for summer. When the ice and snow arrive, much resort to storing all of their outdoor items inside for protection from the elements. Last summer’s gas grill has now sat […]

Denver’s Garage Door Experts Share Safety Tips

Denver Colorado Garage Door Experts

When it comes to maintaining the maintenance of a home, owners will often test the performance of many items to ensure that they are working properly. While this usually is the case for things inside the home, many forget to regularly check and test the functionality of their garage door. The Denver garage door experts […]